30 October 2023

Nothing beats finding something you love while shopping, than finding something you love at a great price! That’s why The Base has curated a selection of trendy clothing and accessories, with every item under $60. From Euro summer looks to professional business wear, we’ve got you covered. Check out the fashion line-up below.


Linen is trending this season and goes hand-in-hand with those Euro Summer vibes you’ve been seeing all over your social feed. While this look screams Posh Spice on her superyacht off the Amalfi coast, you can pull together this look for much cheaper than you’d think.

Sandals - $59.90 Novo, Sunglasses - $19.99 Cotton On Mega, Necklace Layers - $37.00 Lovisa, Tank Top - $49.90 Decjuba, Handbag - $49.99 Strandbags, Earring Stack - $34.00 Lovisa, Linen Pants - $39.99 Glassons.


“Orange is the new black” …. The Base says yes. But nothing beats the sophistication black can bring to an outfit, especially when matched with rich pop of colour. It’s a time-less classic and a safe staple colour. And can also be affordable..

Top - $59.99 Max, Sunglasses - $24.99 Glassons, Belt - $19.99 Farmers, Heels - $49.99 Cotton On Mega, Handbag - $59.99 Strandbags, Earrings - $19.99 Farmers, Satin Skirt - $59.99 Pagani.


Well-styled sportswear always seems to look expense. Perhaps that’s due to it’s appearance in coffee shops rather than the sports field. But regardless of whether you’ll be sippin’ or sweatin’ in your sportswear, you can also be savin’.

Drink Bottle - $20.00 Stirling Sports, Cap - $34.99 Rebel Sport, Leggings - $22.00 Postie, Shoes - $49.00 Puma (Outlet), Singlet - $59.99 Skechers Outlet, Bag - $29.99 Rebel Sport.


Everyday outfits for they guys.. also known as ‘the uniform’ for the dads. Regardless of your style, a plain t-shirt and good pair of chino shorts are a must, and can be dressed up or down based on your your accessories. See the full outfit line-up below, paired some great deals..

Tshirt - $49.90 Huffer Te Awa, Sunglasses - $29.99 Farmers, Cap - $49.99 Torpedo7, Belt - $39.99 Hallensteins, Shoes - $14 The Warehouse, Wallet - $39.99 Strandbags, Shorts - $59.99 Farmers.


Pulling together a sophisticated work look doesn’t have to come with a sophisticated price tag. And where further savings can be made in the long-term is having wardrobe staples that can be worn in a number of different outfits. Find some of those wardrobe staples below that will save you in the short-term and the long-term..

Shirt - $49.99 Cotton On Mega, Laptop Sleeve - $34.99 Typo, Belt - $19.99 Number One Shoes, Wallet - $29.99 North Beach, Shoes - $40.00 Number One Shoes, Pants - $59.99 Hallensteins.


Buying sportswear can often land you paying a bit extra, especially for your favourite sports brand. But you’d be surprised at the great deals that are out there, even in the full-price section of the store. Be sure to also check out The Base Outlet for the best sportwear deals.

Shirt - $50.00 Stirling Sports, Sunglasses - $29.99 Farmers, Shoes - $25.00 The Warehouse, Cap - $40.00 Stirling Sports, Drink Bottle - $39.99 Farmers, Shorts - $49.99 Rebel Sport.