Customer Service Desk

Our friendly customer service desk is located at the main entrance of Te Awa and is open during normal trading hours. Our team can provide you with a wide range of helpful information, including Gift Card sales and the hire of wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Phone enquiries are welcome on +64 7 847 9450 or you can email the Customer Service Desk at

Alternatively you are welcome to contact us through our website here or on our Facebook page.

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Parents Room

Our parent rooms are child friendly spaces designed for your parental convenience. They are equipped with microwaves, toddler toilets, change tables and screened seated areas for your feeding privacy. All parents and caregivers are welcome.

Parents’ rooms are located:

  • between Northbeach and Forever New, opposite the Food Court
  • outside, between Nandos and Super T-Shirt Warehouse
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We're breastfeeding friendly!

Please feel free to breastfeed your baby anywhere in the centre.  If you’d like somewhere more private, we welcome you to use our parents’ rooms.

Children's Playground

Our playground is situated in the middle of the site, in front of the Bed, Bath & Beyond Home Store.  Toilets are situated next to the playground for your convenience and a Parents’ Room is also close by, between Nandos and Super T-Shirt Warehouse.

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Justices of the Peace

Have your documents legally witnessed and signed. This is a free community service, every Saturday between 10am and 12pm.  No booking is required and the desk is  located between Farmers and Muffin Break.


Our toilets, including accessible facilities, are located:

  • Inside Te Awa near the main entrance, to the left of the Customer Service Desk
  • Inside Te Awa opposite the food court, between Northbeach and Forever New (includes Parents’ Room)
  • At The Base Outlet, next to Pero’s Hairtek
  • Next to the playground
  • Between Nandos and Super T-Shirt Warehouse (includes Parent’s Room)
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Accessible, 65+ and Parents' Parking

We have parking available especially for accessiblity pass holders, senior citizens and parents that is close to entrances. Look for the clearly marked parking bays.  These parks are clearly marked and are indicated in our basement carpark with a blue light overhead.

For more information about parking and transport, click here


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