08 March 2021


Sometimes, accessible bathrooms aren’t accessible to everyone.  For those with more complex disabilities, more is required to make our spaces truly inclusive – which is why we are so proud to work together with Project Brave – Space to Change and Active Healthcare to install a fully accessible bathroom in our new amenity block on level 1 of Te Awa, near Hoyts.

Project Brave advocate, Bernadette Stewart told us that, despite the availability of standard accessible bathrooms that a large portion of our community still faced unreasonable challenges resulting in them forced to change incontinence products on toilet floors or in the back of cars in carparks – or go home, limiting participation in our communities.

This new facility allows for people living with impairment and their supporters to toilet and change with dignity and mana.  The ‘Space to Change’ fully accessible change room includes:

  • Adjustable, adult-sized change table with hygienic paper covering
  • Hoist (for safety reasons, your own sling is required)
  • Shower
  • Height adjustable toilet and hand basin
  • Wall mounted hand rails
  • All in a larger space, providing the room needed for larger wheelchairs and carers to safely move around

Access is provided via a call-button at the door, alerting security who will remotely unlock the door.

This facility is open during retail trading hours, which can be found here