05 July 2023

The Base Shopping Centre celebrates a uniquely Tainui expression of Matariki through a community created art installation.

From 4 – 16 July 2023 The Base Shopping Centre invite the public to participate in a unique community art experience. Inspired by traditional tukutuku weaving, the woven artwork tells a Tainui Waka Matariki story.

Artwork by Manawa Tapu and the Ira team.


The Base, owned by Kiwi Property and Tainui Group Holdings has partnered with a Māori creative agency Ira, to create a free in-centre experience to celebrate Matariki. The four-metre-long artwork installation is inspired by tukutuku which a weaving artform traditionally done by Māori around Matariki. It shares a narrative of Matariki unique to local iwi Waikato Tainui and incorporates taonga important to both Tainui and The Base.


“With the official launching of Matariki celebrations nationwide in 2022, it was important for all iwi across the motu to share their narratives in relation to all constellation of stars. The collaboration between Waikato-Tainui/TGH, Ira and The Base has been an exceptional experience of sharing and conceptualising Matariki from a Kiingitanga and tribal lens that brings together the important elements of celebration, of rememberance, of unity, of understanding for all iwi who visits the interactive conceptual design at Te Awa.

Kiingitanga lives Matariki every single day through Te Paki o MatarikiKo Matariki te kairuuri, ko Te Paki o Matariki te karanga nei”

– Parekawhia Mclean – Ngaati Maahanga, Waikato; Chairperson of Te Whakakitenga o Waikato



The artwork entitled Matariki te Kairuuri has the many mountains of the Tainui Waka along the bottom, with the sun rising above the horizon. In the heavens are the seven stars of the Matariki constellation, with the river Waikato flowing through the piece. In the centre of each star is a depiction of their relationship to our natural environment.


“ The artwork facilitates connection – with the heavens, the earth and connection to one another.  The added tukutuku kōwhiti (stitches) are like a mauri (life force) giving life and beauty. People add their own story to the art – for without people, there would be no story told.”

– Sarai Morris, Ngaati Mahuta, Ngāti Maahanga, Ngaati Hine ki Waikato, Ira Creative Agency



Visitors to The Base are invited to join in the activity of weaving the patterns to complete the artwork. Those who interact with the experience will approach the artwork incomplete and will be invited to stitch their own piece of the artwork.


Matariki is an important celebration at The Base. We wanted to celebrate the rise of Matariki through creating an in-centre experience that brings customers together, connecting over kōrero and mahi aa-ringa, and share a narrative of Matariki that is true to Tainui Waka.”

– Stacey Kitchen, Ngāti Kurī, Te Rarawa; Marketing Manager at The Base.


Aligning perfectly with the school holidays, the free weaving activity will be open to all ages 10am – 4pm daily from July 4 -16 2023. Located inside Te Awa, at The Base Shopping Centre in Hamilton.