23 July 2020

I love scarves – all sizes, all materials, all patterns (especially polka dots), all year! And I love finding new places to wear scarves…as belts, hair bands, shawls…you name it!

Yet when it comes to a winter scarf, I don’t deviate because I used to believe one look was good enough for me. Wow, was I wrong!


This winter I’m feeling more adventurous because now I know Chasing Cait (our resident fashion expert) and I can’t get enough of her videos and advice. Watch below and learn THREE ways to quickly change your scarf for a few new fresh looks.

These are good for outside and inside scarves. You know what I mean. Some scarves are only for wearing outside in the cold, and some can be worn all day. Hey, you can even change the style mid-day if you are feeling super fashion forward.



Here’s a quick reference for you:

1 – The loop through – this is a simple go-to. It frames your face, keeps your neck warm and sits perfectly with every jacket and jumper. Too easy!

2 –  The pointy end – this one is a good wear-all-day style. It reduces bulk and adds length to your look.

3 – The infinity scarf – love this demo especially because I can never get the loops right…now I’m a pro!

Luckily, THE BASE has lots of options so you can stock up different colours and patterns. I do love having choices each morning when I brave the day.


Clockwise from top left: Evening blooms scarf from Witchery; Two tone scarf from Pagani; Whistle cable-knit colour-block chunky scarf from Farmers; Leopard print scarf from Glassons; Lightweight foil print scarf from Postie; Blue long crochet scarf from Lovisa.

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Happy Shopping!

Want to read more of Cait’s style tips? Click HERE to visit THE BASE’s fashion blog.