27 October 2020

Want to create some drama with you spring style? Then I have the trend for you! Let’s talk about VOLUME!


Adding some volume to your outfit is a great way to make a statement, and there are several different ways you can try it.

Have a watch of the video below for some of my top tips on how to work volume into your spring style!


Here’s a little bit more information on the three ways to add some volume to your look I’ve mentioned, plus I’ve put together a wish list of my favourite styles available from THE BASE below.


The 80’s is back, but with a fun 20’s twist.

Statement sleeves are everywhere, but there is something still soft and feminine about the options we’re seeing in store now.

This style is great if you want to balance out your hips and legs, it also makes your waist look smaller (by making your shoulders look wider, in a good way!).

Try tucking in your top with a statement sleeve, it will also help define your waist.


Seriously one of the most comfortable trends you’ll ever find! Wearing a wide leg pant (especially after years of squeezing into skinny jeans) is a delight!

Look for styles that have a flat panel across the front, to help slim in tummy, and then just drape down from your hips.

Tuck your top in to get the proportions right on your body (and make your legs look looooong).

Length-wise, you want these pants to almost touch the ground when you’re wearing shoes (or your could try a cropped culotte style).


Want to add some height without the pain of high heels? Stacked shoes are your friends.

They used to be known as “platforms” but they have a more streamline look now, and they add volume to your look without looking clunky.

Great for wearing under wide leg pants, you can find a stacked shoe in heaps of different styles from wedges and sandals to brogues to trainers.

So now you know what you are looking for, here are some of my fave V O L U M E picks from THE BASE you can walk away with right now.

THE BASE: Pagani fluted sleeve wrap dress; Forever New wide-leg jumpsuit; K&K frilly sleeve shirt and wide leg jeans; Farmers midi skirt; Novo wedges

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Happy Shopping!

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