16 June 2020

Who’s lived in cardigans over the last few months? I have!

Now that I’m back at work and commuting in the cold, I’m finding my cardigans are not dressy enough for the office. Or the bus. Or even the supermarket.

And I really want to break out of my dulls and step it up a notch, add some pizazz, AND stay warm.


Luckily, Chasing Cait (our resident fashion blogger) has come to my rescue. She’s created FOUR different looks with one cardigan that don’t look redundant or stale.

I would not think that a long cardigan would be the answer, yet colour me surprised.


Here are Cait’s tips to snuggle into a long cardigan AND look sharp!

1 – Belt it over a maxi dress and add boots for a boho look

2 – Add a cropped jacket over the top for a layered look

3 – Dress it up for work with classy and feminine accessories

4 – Rug up for a weekend on the sidelines for Mum duty

To be honest, I thought a long cardigan would look too bulky on me. Yet in researching retailers at The Base, I’m happy to discover a few dressier ones that won’t leave me feeling too casual and clunky. Yay! Guess who’s going shopping?

The cardigan in the video is from Max (Find it HERE). We’ve also put together some other options for you below. And if you are inspired to add a few more pieces to your winter wardrobe, you can find all our retailers HERE.



THE BASE: Decjuba Delilah Fluffy Cheetah Cardi | Witchery Longline Waterfall Cardigan | Pagani Side Split Longline Cardi | Forever New Loretta Panelled Cardigan

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Want to read more of Cait’s style tips? Click HERE to visit THE BASE’s fashion blog.