11 October 2018

By Ava Bradley, aged 12


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is a great movie, with jump scares, excitement and is really funny, starring Ken Jeong, Madison Iseman and Ben O’Brien.


I was going to take my little sister Tessa with me to see this exciting new film, but she was too chicken after seeing Goosebumps 1 so I took my best friend Ella instead.


This movie is about brother and sister, Sonny and Sarah, and Sonny’s friend Sam. Sonny and his friend Sam are junkyard brothers and they go to people’s houses to clean their up their attics, garages and messes so they can find stuff to sell.


One day, Sonny and Sam go into a big, old abandoned house to look for items, and find a mysterious and unpublished R.L Stein book “Haunted Halloween” in a chest with a key. They unlock and open the book, which brings a talking dummy “Slappy” to life. Slappy is trouble! He kidnaps the Sonny’s mum and then proceeds to bring all of his ghostly friends to life in time for Halloween! It is up to Sonny, Sarah and Sam to stop the monsters before they completely take over.


My favourite part of the film is when some cute little gummy bears came to life, turn nasty and start attacking Sonny and Sam to the tune of the Gummy Bear song; it’s really funny.


This is the perfect tween movie (10 and up, unless they are brave) as there are scary parts, ghoulish characters, great jump scares and a bit of naughty humour. It’s a very good movie, and it is so perfect to watch before Halloween. I would recommend it and will watch it again, for sure.


Viewer beware, you’re in for a scare!


See Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween in cinemas now.