17 April 2020

Interesting times, am I right?!

Coffee, conversation and cruising to the beach for a fish ‘n chip dinner is off the table, but it also feels like life has slowed down quite a bit – maybe even rolled back a few years.

Because of this, one thing I AM loving is doing so much more with the mini-me who is part of my bubble.

Perhaps because it’s become more important than ever to keep a sense of schedule and normality for our kids, we’ve been better than ever at getting outside into the fresh air – and that amazing sunshine – for a good couple of hours each day.

We’re making the most of the great weather and have really enjoyed some of the following activities that we hope you’ll love too!


Going on a bear hunt: I thought that this one might be a bit ‘young’ for my 10-going-on-16-year-old but she’s loved it – and I’ve heard of plenty of adults who are looking out for bears too!

Given that we’re walking around our own neighbourhood so crossing the same ground multiple times, our favourites have been the houses where the bears get up to new adventures (and occasional mischief!) every day and we’ve swiped some great ideas for our own cheeky bear.

After coming back from a bear hunt, consider getting the kids to extend the experience – they could write stories about their favourite bears and imagine their adventures, draw pictures and read teddy bear stories.

Our bears even got together for a picnic one sunny afternoon.


Here today, gone tomorrow:  At the verrrry bottom of the box of pens and pencils we found some old sidewalk chalk.

Hopscotch used to be easier on my knees!  We’ve also decorated the driveway with bright drawings and musings and written cheerful messages for neighbourhood walkers to enjoy.


Turning over a new leaf:  The sun is still out but the weather is cooling and there’s some beautiful colour out there!

As the leaves change, we’ve started a collection – we’re being extra careful so rather than collecting leaves off the ground, we’re taking our favourites from low-hanging branches to press between the pages of heavy books at home.

Pinterest has some beautiful ideas on what to do with them when they are dry, our favourite is this owl (HERE).


Finally, we’ve not totally given up on the winter sports season.

My daughter is mad-keen on hockey so, just in case she’s back playing soon, we’ve set aside some time each day to drill some skills.  She’s really loving the extra time we’re spending on this and I can see her improve every day.

Best of all, we’re doing all of this on our (tiny) back lawn and driveway, showing that staying at home in your bubble doesn’t have to mean you’re couch-bound!

So get out and make the most of this amazing weather while it lasts!  And check back in a few weeks for some ideas for when the weather finally does pack it in!