19 March 2019

Some parents expect their children to grow up and become doctors, lawyers and CEOs. Ricky and Julia Knight wanted their kids to become WWE superstars.


Fighting With My Family is based on an incredible true story, written and directed by comedy genius Stephen Merchant (The Office). Merchant’s mind for sharp dialogue and character-based comedy proves to be an essential muscle for this feel-good story, which tells of how WWE superstar Paige came from a completely lovable wrestling clan and rose to international stardom.


Paige’s home proves to be a charming atmosphere, where parents, former-convict and current teddy bear Ricky (Nick Frost) and force of nature Julia (Lena Headey), love each other deeply. The family shares this positive atmosphere in their wrestling gym and indie wrestling league in their working-class English town, where they teach a band of excitable young kids how to pin, bounce off the ropes, and believe in themselves. The two stars are the now-grown Knight children, Saraya aka Paige (Florence Pugh), her jet-black hair and lip ring as definitive as her shyness and shortness, and the slightly hot-headed Zac (Jack Lowden). The Knight clan sees each other as equals, and when they do fight, it’s the good kind.


When Paige gets her shot at joining the WWE, her challenge is to make it through Coach Hutch’s (Vince Vaughn‘s) demanding programme and join the galaxy of WWE stars such as The Rock (Dwayne Johnson as himself).


Fighting With My Family delivers on comedy, action, and a sweet message of acceptance and strength at its core. The strong cast, interesting real life story, and a magnetic lead mean this black sheep sports story is a feel-good flick.