20 November 2019

Full of satire, this deranged and darkly comedic thriller literally takes the wedding vows “till death do us part” to the extreme.


A scene from the movie Ready or Not


Following her wedding Bride Grace (Samara Weaving) is informed by Tony the patriarch (Henry Czerny) of her wealthy new family that it is tradition to play a game at midnight to be accepted into the Le Domas family.

As the Le Domas Family made their fortunes in board games, she accepts this quirky request. Grace is also a foster child and yearns to be a permanent part of a family.

Patriarch Tony goes on to tell the story of how their great-grandfather made a deal with a man Mr. Le Bail who would help create their family fortunes if the family established and continued this tradition.

On drawing a card from the mysterious antique box it reveals that Grace must play a game of hide and seek.

A scene from the movie Ready or Not


Grace soon realises that this is not child’s play and her eccentric new family are actually hunting her down with antiquated weapons.

To win she must survive until dawn but with the mansion on lock down and everyone against her it very quickly become a crazy blood fest and the body count quickly climbs.

Thankfully the Le Domas family who may be filthy rich are certainly not the smartest bunch of misfits and their screw-ups add a layer of comedic gold throughout the movie.

Ready or Not is now playing in theatres. Seek out this dark comedy at your local cinema if you dare.


A scene from the movie Ready or Not