01 October 2019

Ad Astra is a great date movie if you are both into space and inter-planet travel…and, who isn’t?

A scene from the movie Ad Astra

We have lift off! Here’s what The Rohans have to say about Ad Astra. Hold onto your hats and glasses for this one!

Rob says:

If you liked Interstellar, Gravity or Blade Runner, you might like Ad Astra. Brad Pitt deals with his past and demons while going on a space adventure. It’s slow paced (not in a bad way) and deep. The visuals are interesting and the music really compliments the action.


A scene from the movie Ad Astra

Kristin says:
LOVED the supporting cast…Donald Sutherland, Liv Tyler, Natasha Lyonne and Greg Bryk (from Bitten!) plus a great vintage dance clip from the Nicolas Brothers’ “I’ve Got a Gal From Kalamazoo” – which for me always raises my score in any movie.

The pace of the movie is slow (like Rob says), as you would imagine space travel being, yet in key parts it speeds up to ensure this isn’t a sleeper. I did feel like I was floating in space…between the cool sets and robot music, it took me away to another world.

Where as most space movies I’ve seen rely on gigantic fight scenes to set the tone, this is an internal movie where you really get into Brad Pitt’s head. Who hasn’t wanted to do that? I never considered going to the Moon, yet if Virgin is flying there and there’s a diner (and Donald Sutherland plus Greg Bryk), fly me to the moon!

A scene from the movie Ad Astra

Ad Astra is now playing. Check your local cinemas for dates and times…get ready for an adventure!

A scene from the movie Ad Astra