27 June 2019

Annabelle Comes Home is the latest movie in The Conjuring universe, and is undeniably more terrifying than the other Annabelle movies. In fact, it’s likely the scariest movie you’ll see in cinemas this year.


A scene from the move Annabelle Comes Home


A great standalone film, it’s easy to follow without having seen the other films from The Conjuring universe, although it is recommended to read up on the real-life fascinating Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), self-proclaimed demonologists, who had a locked room full of evil, demonic artefacts in their own home. The best-known and most “malevolent” artefact is Annabelle, a doll believed to be possessed by a demon, who tries to steal human souls. The scariest thing? Annabelle is real (and the “star” of this film).


Annabelle Comes Home follows Ed and Lorraine’s daughter Judy (McKenna Grace) and her babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) as they stay in the Warren house over a weekend. A fun, girly weekend starts off with all good and wholesome intentions, until the evil contained within the locked room begin to unleash unimaginable horror upon the house – and all those inside it.


From clever jump scares that don’t follow a predictable sequence, to moments of pure, silent terror, Annabelle Comes Home is thoughtfully written and, in a frightful sort of way, beautifully cinematic, with great graphics, heroing the best parts of the horror genre. It’s also woven together with elements of light, humour and warmth, showcasing the best part of human nature within a film focused on non-human forces.


If you love a scare and don’t mind losing your popcorn as you throw it across the rows of seats in terror, then you’ll relish Annabelle and the events that play out in the Warren house. From werewolves, demonic ancient relics, and incredibly violent corpse brides, this film is a quintessential compilation of what we love about horror movies, and why you don’t mess with demons.


Do you have the nerve to see it in cinemas? Annabelle Comes Home is out now.